3 Reasons Why I Chose to Be a Pinterest Strategist

The 2 biggest questions I get on a daily basis is what do I do for my business and why I chose Pinterest out of all other social platforms. So now I wanted to take the time to share with you all why I chose to be a Pinterest Strategist.

Most underrated Platform

Pinterest is the second largest social platform (right next to Facebook), but for some reason is pushed to be the last thought on someones mind. One thing I want to make sure I clear up is that Pinterest is NOT a social media, it is actual a visual search engine. That actually makes it even more of a reason to use it for your business, because there is a great chance that the 200 million plus some viewers are bound to get a glance of your work.

Content and Visual

I’ll admit that being on Pinterest can really bring the creative side out of you. I never really thought of myself as someone who can design, but with starting my business with Pinterest, I have been able to work with almost a handful of clients pins in Canva. Canva, for those of you don’t know, is a place where you can create images for literally any social platform or any marketing need really. I also love how many images can be created for just one piece of content, making it super fun to work with.

Technical Side

For those who don’t know much about me yet, probably wouldn’t know that I have over 4+ years of corporate marketing experience. Probably half of that has to do with data analytics and SEO (search engine optimization). So that being brought up is a huge reason why I started my business. Pinterest is all about the data and being consistent. You are using your creativity to build eye drawing images. To then create engagement to you pin or website, which then allows for more visitors and potential clients, products being sold or ads being clicked.

So there you have it! Those are a few reasons why I chose Pinterest. I wan’t to continue to educate everyone on the benefit, no matter what niche you belong to, of having one and executing the best strategy.

What are some of your reasons why you chose to create your blog or business? What drove you to doing that?

3 reasons why I chose to be a Pinterest Strategist

4 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Chose to Be a Pinterest Strategist

    1. It truly is! It is such a different marketing experience and I’m sure you’d understand a bit too of how SEO plays a huge role with it! If you ever have questions, reach out!! ☺️

  1. I did not know that you worked in the corporate world! Pinterest is perfect for you, especially being a strategist. I chose freelance writing as my second career because I’ve always wanted to be a writer, it just wasn’t really a realistic way to earn money back in the day (1998) so after being a police officer a writer was the next logical choice! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of Pinterest! It is soo much work so have been thinking about doing this as well, not now but sometime. So hopefully you’ll put up some expert tips and advice on how to become one ?

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