3 Steps to Optimize Your Pinterest Account

 I completely understand if you are coming here super overhelmed and frustrated with Pinerest. You put in so much time and effort to grow your audience and traffic, just to feel stuck and unaccomplished.

Trust me, Pinterest can be super discouraging, especially if you don’t have the patience to understand why things aren’t going the way you expect it to. I just want to let you know that you are not alone and I want to help!

Here are 3 Steps to Optimizing your Pinterest account

Step 1: Did you fill out your bio with who you are and a description of what you do? If you have, re think about it. Are you using the right language to draw the correct audience? Also, did you claim your website? Claiming your website is SO important. So if you don’t know how, definitely reach out!

Step 2: Look at your board structure. Are the titles of your boards keywords? Would it be something you would find on other niche related boards or even in the search? When you do your search you will automatically see terms that pop up and those are the keywords you are looking for. USE THEM. Then re look at your descriptions and make sure to add those keywords from your title in your board too. Don’ forget to select a category either!

Step 3: What type of boards do you have? Did you try to get into all the group boards or went too heavy on the personal boards? Don’t get me wrong being in group boards or having personal boards is not an issue, but it all depends on the content. I would always focus on only being apart of 1-2 REALLY GOOD group boards and a few personal boards that also related to the type of audience you are trying to connect with.

Did all that and still struggling?

The reach out to me and let’s get your Pinterest optimized! It is more important than you think and it will start you off on better ground by doing it that way. If you are new to Pinterest, I offer a Starter Package. If you have had an account for a bit and have not made a strategy or much traction, look into my Monthly Management Package (account make-over included in price).


11 thoughts on “3 Steps to Optimize Your Pinterest Account

  1. I currently have a love/hate relationship with pinterest. I’m working on it. I will try to join some group boards because I am not a part of any at this time. Do you have any that you suggest? I blog about motherhood.

    1. If you never need help, please come talk to me!! As for group boards, you should check out a Facebook Group called “Bloggers Unite On Pinterest”. They have a weekly post that goes out for people to ask or administrators to post their boards! If that doesn’t help, let me know. I’ll dig for you! ?

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