4 ways to grow your business on Pinterest

How to grow your Pinterest account

Are you just starting out? Or maybe you have been on Pinterest for a bit and you are trying to figure out how to grow your Pinterest account using all the best practices and strategies. Here are 5 essential ways to start growing your Pinterest account today!

1. Optimizing your profile

Optimizing your profile starts with making sure your website is claimed (this includes claiming your Instagram, Youtube, Etsy and Shopify) if you have any or some. This helps Pinterest understand that you are a real business or blog. You will also need to add relevant keywords to your bio, board titles, board descriptions, pin titles, pin descriptions and pin images.

2. Fresh Pins

Fresh pins are one of the best strategies you can use besides keyword research. These pins are broken down into being completely brand new content. The more new content you have the more fresh your pins are. Ideally for each url you have you can create roughly 10 pins but make sure to always change the title, pin title, description and image!

3. Stay Consistent

Consistently pinning fresh and new content can be tough, but in order to grow your business you need to be pinning every single day. This can be roughly 1-2 fresh pins out a day with a mixture of posting story pins, video pins, etc. Ideally you want to make sure you are batching content whether you are using Tailwind (entire month) or the Pinterest scheduler (up to 2 weeks).

4. Focus on Engagement

Stop getting so caught up in the analytics! Seasons change and so does how many views or clicks you can get. What you need to be focusing on is creating click worthy content, testing out new ideas and overall switching up how you pin things in order to be original and stand out. Just like any platform, Pinterest is all about trial and error. So have fun with it!