5 Tips to Increase Motivation

“I have a hard time finding motivation to stay consistent with healthy habits.”

I hear this way too often, and see the struggle of people who are working in their business, or better yet, working full-time and working their side hustle.

I know how frustrating it can feel when you’re trying so hard to stay consistent and live your best life, but you hit a wall and there’s suddenly no desire to keep going.

But it doesn’t have to be that way and let me tell you how to do it with 5 tips to increase motivation!

  1. Find accountability. Finding someone you can turn to to make sure you are staying on top of your goals is HUGE. That person is your designated hype woman that will help you get to where you are, especially if you feel stuck.
  2. Change your mood with a great work playlist. It sometimes can sound silly, but creating a playlist that gets you motivated and pumped up for your work day can be super helpful. I know for myself, when I am working and can’t concentrate – I pop my headphones in and let the music take me into my work flow.
  3. Make it fun. Create a schedule every day that will allow you to focus on something that makes it fun to integrate healthy habits. This can be playing with your pup outside, going on a short walk in the sunshine or just sipping on your favorite beverage with your cute mug. If you create a world that being healthy can be fun, it makes it so much easier to do.
  4. Make it work on your schedule. PLAN IT IN! Not everyday is going to be the same and that is okay! Just try your best to set a goal (small to start) of what you want to do based on your workload. That will allow for less pressure of the day-to-day and you focusing on it in a way that works better for you.
  5. Remember your why. Keep reminding yourself of your health goals and why you started to integrate healthy habits in the first place. This can be from just moving your body every day, weight loss (shouldn’t be your first goal), to feel good in your body, helping you balance hormones, etc. 

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