8 Pinterest SEO Tips to Use In 2020

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1. Optimize Your Pinterest Account

This is one of the top areas I see people struggle with when they first get started. They create there account, with no strategy, and just pin pretty pins. Without optimizing your Pinterest account right from the start, it might be hard to see results. The first thing you should always do when you create your Pinterest Business Account is fill out your title, bio, and boards (don’t forget the categories!).

2. Pin From Your Website

Something that people don’t realize about Pinterest, is that they love it when people pin from your website (that you claimed). Pinterest sees it as a good sign that your content is reputable and is worth saving.

3. Create Design-Worthy Pin Images

I always go off about that Pinterest is not only about pretty pins, but it sure does help when you want to get clicked! Whether it’s to go to a blog post, freebie, or just the home page, creating design-worthy pins should be apart of your strategy when driving traffic to your site.

4. Schedule Pins Ahead of Time Using Later

Okay, so I will probably touch on this in another post, but I am someone you’d consider a “manual pinner”. Just to describe what that means, is that I am someone who focuses on using a manual strategy to repinning relevant content for my clients. You can use Tailwind to save you time and I am not against Tailwind at all! I am all for people trying to do both ways, but the one thing I do recommend and others Pinterest experts can agree to, is batch your content ahead of time. Check out Later to be not only your Pinterest scheduler, but also help with Instagram scheduling (dual purpose programs are the best!)

5. Put Keywords – everywhere

Keywords are essential to your Pinterest strategy. If you want to be searched by others, then this is the #1 way to do it! You will use these keywords everywhere (where it makes sense). Sign up for my free guide to see where you need to add all of those keywords to make your business easily searchable!

6. Save Pins to Relevant Boards

This is a top question I get about what boards you need to pin to. Pinterest is super picky and would prefer you pick the most relevant board possible. Sticking pins in random boards that Pinterest can’t understand your intention and what you are trying to promote, won’t get you far.

7. Pin Consistently

Pinterest is HUGE and loves consistent pinners. This is where we talk about fresh pins and how they are so important, because the more fresh pins that are pinned, the better. Also staying on a consistent, spread out schedule, helps a ton too with being seen more often.

8. Quality Over Quantity

You do not need to pin over 30 times a day. I just wanted to make that clear for you all. Focus on repinning at least 5 quality pins each day and spread them out as I stated a bit! I also focus on 2-3 in the morning and 2-3 at night (I understand that’s more than 5, but that’s my strategy!). If you want to repin 2 in the morning and 3 at night then go for it!


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