Hi, I'm Claudia!

I’m the owner & CEO of Claudia Gebhardt LLC

I started my Pinterest business early 2020, with the intention of helping like minded individuals grow their business through consistency, strategy and design. My experience in the marketing space started in a corporate job that consisted of fashion/retail, magazine publications and now a credit repair company (yes, I am still working my 9-5 & not ashamed). 

You could say that marketing is a passion of mine along with creating those “aha” moments and seeing results.

When I am not working, I love to go on hikes with my pup Millie, drink red wine to my favorite shows or jazzercising. 

Right now you can book me for your next Guest Expert Training or one of my many Pinterest Services

Fun Facts
About Me

One thing I love about being in this entrepreneur space is getting to know all of you! I already shared some things I like to do outside of working, but here are a few more fun facts 

My mom is from Germany, so when I was in elementary school, I ended up learning German as my second language. I am not great at speaking it, but I still can understand 90% when spoken to.

I have a huge fear of heights, yet one of my favorite places to go are amusement parks. I've even been to the largest amusement park in the world, Cedar Point (Ohio, USA) 3 times now.

I have a cute airdale terrier names Millie, which is short for Milwaukee (Wisconsin). I am originally from Wisconsin, but we moved (boyfriend) to Salt Lake City, Utah in May 2019. If you haven't been, I recommend! You'll never want to leave - just like us.