Hi, I'm Claudia!

I’m a corporate marketing girl, who decided to start a Pinterest business in early 2020. What’s funny from what started my business is that I originally started with a food blog, which is now why I have refined my business into helping health and wellness entrepreneurs gain visibility and leads through Pinterest.

I have a huge passion for health & wellness, especially when it comes to prioritizing your time, creating balance and focusing on self-care.

In addition to Pinterest, I am now offering Instagram services! I believe that in order to grow your business on Instagram, you need to have a solid content strategy, participate in the current trends and engage with your ideal audience.

Fun Facts About Me

One thing I love about being in this entrepreneur space is getting to know all of you! Here are a few fun things I wanted you to know, but feel free to follow me on Instagram below if you want to learn even more about me!

My mom is from Germany, so when I was in elementary school, I ended up learning German as my second language. I am not great at speaking it, but I still can understand 90% when spoken to.

I have a huge fear of heights, yet one of my favorite places to go are amusement parks. I've even been to the largest amusement park in the world, Cedar Point (Ohio, USA) 3 times now.

I have a cute airdale terrier names Millie, which is short for Milwaukee (Wisconsin). I am originally from Wisconsin, but we moved (boyfriend) to Salt Lake City, Utah in May 2019. If you haven't been, I recommend! You'll never want to leave - just like us.