How to Attract Your Dream Client

When you are first starting out your business, figuring out what clients to work with can seem pretty daunting. Once you learn how to narrow down your search of wants in your dream client, then you will be able to approach them so much better. In this post, I will be talking about what a dream client is and how to attract your dream client to work with you!

Definition of a “Dream Client”

In the beginning, I made the mistake of literally selling my services to anyone and everyone. I was even getting to the point of fully customizing programs and services that I didn’t even want to do. So first off, DO NOT DO THAT. This is the part of if you attract the right person to work with you, they will fit within what you created not what you created for them.

A dream client is someone who ideally has money to invest in (won’t talk you down in price), are super easy to talk to, respect you, and overall just want to work with you to reach their goals. They value your time and the service you provide, without any hesitation to give you an amazing review when you work hard.

How to Identify Your Dream Client?

Creating a client profile that suits you and your services, can be super helpful. Not every profile you select will lead into your dream client, but it will get you closer than where you were. This will depend especially on what type of business you are in and can be more challenging for some then others.

As a Pinterest Coach, I have identified my pool of dream clients servicing as a coach or selling products within the monthly management realm. But for my coaching, my ideal client is either new to their business or flows into the servicing side of a virtual assistant/social media manager.

The way to identify or narrow down, sometimes starts with working with others that don’t suite your needs or it could be an area that you might have worked in that you know will light you up.

When narrowing down and deciding who becomes your “dream client” from that pool of niche’s, starts with some research questions. Here are a few I think about when I am deciding if someone I am talking about is my dream client.

  1. Are they present on social media (Instagram or Facebook)
  2. What does there content look like?
  3. What do they do and how could my services benefit them?
  4. Are they consistent?
  5. Is there willingness to learn and grow?
  6. How do they present themselves on their social (do they show up, stories, lives, connections, etc.)
  7. Do they have a website or at least a landing page?
  8. Do they have a structured website? Does it flow? Is it easy to read?
  9. Is there communication strong? Do they respond within reason? Are there responses thought out?

So as you are reading some of my thoughts that go through my head, maybe sit down and jot a list that you might look for or want in someone you work with!

How Do I Attract My Dream Client

  1. Branding yourself correctly, especially on Instagram or a social that you are most present on. Make it clear in your title, bio and content of who you are looking to work with.
  2. Build a good report with previous clients and get those positive reviews/testimonials. Nothing attracts dream clients more than other clients sitting there talking so highly of you!
  3. Hang out where your dream clients might be. This can be on Instagram or maybe a Facebook community group.
  4. Pricing can also play a huge factor in who you attract. You price too low, people might not think they will be getting the value. Price too high without the right authority, then they might not trust you can do the work. Find that happy medium to price and stick with it. You know what you can provide.
  5. Genuinely engage and chat with your dream clients. Sometimes it’s easy to break the ice by just being authentic and just wanting to get to know them. Believe me, sometimes you might be talking to a dream client without even knowing it!

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