My Go-To Pinterest Marketing Tools

Some of the best tools to use for Pinterest

Pinterest, like any other platform, doesn’t require a ton of work regarding what tools you should use. Although I use a lot of tools to make my Pinterest run smoothly, I don’t use many tools when it comes to the creation process. Here are two of my all time favorite tools & why you need to be using them to grow your Pinterest.

Canva - free or paid version

There is no doubt that canva is probably the most amazing tool in this entrepreneurial space. It not only helps you with creating multiple different types of content (static pins, video pins, story pins, etc), but it can help you with other parts of your business too.

It is a very easy to use platform, so if you are just starting out – I would suggest starting with canva. If you have a design background you can go the extra step and design original pins in adobe (but you can also do that in canva by starting with a blank canvas.

For every Pinterest client I have, I design about 3-4 different templates to use so I can keep their Pinterest profiles on brand and to spread out their content with all different eye catching imagery. 

Tailwind Scheduler

You’ve probably heard all the chats that Tailwind is the ultimate scheduler when it comes to Pinterest. You have heard correct. If you are on Pinterest, you should be using tailwind. Tailwind is amazing, because you can schedule as many pins out in advanced as you’d like, you can add to tribes (sorta like group boards), check out your analytics and overall get tips to improve your standing on Pinterest.

Tailwind is free for 100 posts, but then it is $15.99 a month or you can pay in full. If you are offering Pinterest services or just using Pinterest as the head of your business- make your life easier by getting your tailwind accounts set up and get to scheduling. Right now Pinterest is LOVING fresh content, so you really should be focusing on getting as much out as you can.