Pinterest Launch Program

Are You Ready to Launch Your Own Pinterest Business?
  • You are currently in your 9-5, trying to figure out a way to start your own business and run out that corporate door.
  • You just started as a female entrepreneur and want to niche down into Pinterest services.
  • You are a virtual assistant or social media manager looking to add Pinterest management to stand out from the crowd.

Do you want to start your own Pinterest business, but don’t know where to exactly start or what to do?

Then come read more about my 1:1 Pinterest Coaching Program, where you will get 1:1 support from me in getting your Pinterest business launched and ready for clients!

What's Included

This is an 8 week Coaching Program starting in September.

$1,200 (or 2x $600)

  • Four 45 minute calls (every 2 weeks/2 per month)
  • Tasks to keep you accountable
  • Voxer support (M-F during business hours)
Month One:
  • Trainings on set up, systems, management, client organization, pricing and organization
  • Overall logistics of running a Pinterest business account
Month Two:
  • Identifying your ideal client/finding your dream clients
  • Mindset, strategies and social presence
  • Working through potential sales calls and signing clients
Before Working With a Pinterest Coach
  • I want to start a Pinterest business or offer services, but no clue where to start.
  • I've taken courses and read a ton of freebies, but still need help how to successfully run a Pinterest business.
  • I'm scared that once I start my business that I won't know how to attract my dream clients or any at all. How do I find them and how can I set myself to work with them?
After Working With a Pinterest Coach
  • You will know exactly where to start and learn the best processes by the first couple weeks.
  • You'll be able to run your Pinterest business smooth and easy with automation, scheduling, systems and helpful tools.
  • Learning about who your dream client is, is so important. Once I teach you how to attract them or even where they hang out you'll be getting leads easily or even clients by the end of the program.


Hi, I'm Claudia!

I’m a nerdy, yet strategic person that loves everything marketing, especially when talking about Pinterest.

It’s funny, I actually realized my love for Pinterest when I had this bright idea of starting a food blog…. (short lived)

But one thing I did notice from my time is how INCREDIBLE Pinterest was and how beneficial it is for your business.

When I started my business, I had no one but myself to rely on to get my business off the ground. SO that’s why I created this coaching program, to help you learn how to run your business start and successfully run your business with ease.

Some Amazing Women I've Worked With


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