Did You Know I Had a Food Blog?

Are you ready to stop looking back?⁠

Before moving to Salt Lake, the most thrilling thing I have done was go on (almost) every ride at Cedar Point — largest amusement park in the world for those of you don’t know! 

I mean yes, I have traveled outside of the country plenty of times, but nothing has compared to when my boyfriend and I decided to move to Salt Lake City.⁠

We packed up our cars, mine being a small Mazda 3, with a POD with the rest of our stuff. Which btw, only one thing broke from that 21 hour trip. I’d say, success!⁠ I didn’t stop at moving to a whole new state…⁠

I started a food blog in November 2019. It was then, I realized that I wanted to start my Pinterest business! Designing pins, creating content, implementing strategies and comparing what works vs. doesn’t was super fascinating to me (especially since I tested it out with my recipes). ⁠

I believe that Pinterest is the one place that most people won’t have success on, until you realize that majority of your traffic comes from there (like for myself).⁠

I have no regrets about starting that food blog, because it revealed what I wanted to do every day and it’s not a big motivation as to why I care about being my best self when it comes to running my business.⁠

It is also a huge reason why I am starting to add health content and wanting to work with more people in the health niche to live out my passion!

Do you currently have the same blog or business from what you started in the beginning? ⁠ What made you change your path?!

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