Using Pinterest to Explode Your Website Traffic

The most common question I get is:⁠ How do I use Pinterest to get people to come to my website?⁠

Using Pinterest to getting people to your website is huge. Pinterest can explode your traffic, which can lead to more sales, email subscribers, etc.⁠ So you created a Pinterest account, so now what? How do they start coming?⁠

Here are 4 ways to get people to find you on Pinterest:⁠

Optimizing Your Account

Make sure to optimize your account. This is where I always talk about adding keywords to your title, bio, boards, and pin descriptions.⁠

Pinterest Pin Design

Designing click-worthy pins is important if you want people to well click to head to your site or offer. Make your pin stand out by using the readable text and colors that work well together.⁠

Consistency Should Be Apart of Your Strategy

Be Consistent! In order for you to be seen on Pinterest is reliant on your activity. Make sure to always create fresh pins whether it’s your own or curated.⁠ Use schedulers to help you schedule pins ahead of time or if you use something like Tailwind, you can also schedule repins as well!

Quality Over Quantity

Focus on quality over quantity. This is referring to the content on your website as well. Make sure once someone clicks on your pin that your content is worth there time!⁠

Are you feeling like you are doing all the things to grow your traffic and still not seeing results?⁠

That’s okay, let me help you! Click here, to check out ways we can work together to see those results that Pinterest can offer!


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