The Best Ways to Find Keywords on Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine

Pinterest is a visual search engine and although it is shifting into more of a social media. The main thing you need to be doing is making sure your profile and pins are optimized by using relevant keywords.

1. Pinterest search bar

Most of the keywords you find are going to be within Pinterest itself. One of the easiest ways to find relevant keywords short or long would be to use the Pinterest search bar. This is the exact search bar that potential customers or clients are using to find what they are looking for.

2. Pinterest Trends

Pinterest trends is one of my favorite tools to use, because it really helps narrow down your search. You start with searching a short tailed keyword and then it’ll give you results for long tailed keywords. It will even show you boards and other pins that have used those keywords that are performing well.

3. Keyword search in Ads

I wonder why I waited to talk about this one, but this is my absolute go-to way to search for keywords. Even if you are not creating ads, this is an amazing place that you can search for keywords to add all over your profile. All you do is go to ads and click create ad. When you look at the left side, click target and then select a strategy. Scroll down to keywords, enable and boom! It gives you all the keywords.

4. Pinterest Predicts

Pinterest released something amazing for all, especially small business owners, to help with understanding what content is predicted to do well. It is made up of creative content to help boost your visibility if you fall within the same niche. You can check out and learn more about it, here

Where to add all those keywords?

Once you find keywords that are related to your niche and the audience you are trying to attract, this is where you are probably wondering on where to add them.

Keywords can be added to multiple places, such as:

  1. Board Descriptions (add at least 10 keywords)
  2. Pinterest Titles
  3. Pinterest Image Titles
  4. Pinterest Descriptions
  5. Bio Title
  6. Bio Description