What are "Fresh Pins"
Considered on Pinterest?

What does Pinterest consider a "fresh pin"

The term “fresh pins” arose when Pinterest was doing a ton of algorithm updates this past March. It took some time to figure out, but one of the best ways to grow your Pinterest account is by creating completely new pins to go out every single day.

A fresh pin is a pin that is COMPLETELY NEW. Meaning:

  • New image (stock or of you)
  • New image title
  • New pin title
  • New description

The misconception of a fresh pin; however, is that a lot of people though that you can only use a URL once. That is FALSE. You can design fresh pins over and over again with the same url, but note – you don’t want to overuse the URL. When I am performing keyword research and really trying to utilize Pinterest SEO, I can design about 10 pins per URL.

*As of January 21, when the metrics were updated – you need to be focusing on creating fresh content from your CLAIMED sites more than ever. These can include to your website, Instagram, Youtube, Etsy and even Shopify owners. Make sure that all of those accounts that apply to you are claimed before you start pinning anything. 

How many fresh pins should be going out each month?

It’s always a tough question when you think of “how much” you should do on Pinterest. It’s pretty easy to say that Pinterest likes to keep us all on our toes – which can get confusing on how to exactly form the best strategy, especially when we are working with clients. 

One strategy that has worked for me is AT LEAST getting one fresh pin out a day. Ideally you want to do more than one, but it all depends on 1. how old the account is, 2. how much content you have, 3. are the topics searchable enough.

So although there might be some gaps on how to go about this whole new fresh pins rule the world thing, they are definitly not going away. Other things to note is that you not only want to be focusing on one type of pin. Static pins are great, but will the new features rolling out like video pins and story pins – you need to add that to your strategy as well.

If you are brand new to Pinterest, I would highly suggest trying to design about 30 pins a month and aim for those 30 a month, 10 to be fun video pins and addition to the 30 do about 2 story pins a month. That mixture of content should off set how your scheduled pins rank – with giving you more visibility in the long run.