Growing Your Pinterest Per Niche

Did you know that there are different ways per niche to use for your business – let me break it down for you:⁠

Pinterest is a huge space for health coaches, bloggers, service based and product based business.⁠ Here are a few ways to grow your business on Pinterest that could be very similar across all of them:⁠

1. Blog — This is the most obvious answer, but blogs between all different niche’s work really well. Having content that backs up what you do within your business is huge.⁠

2. Freebies — Using Pinterest as a lead generation that can get someone into your community to build a stronger relationship with. ⁠

3. Podcast — Did you know you can promote your podcast using Pinterest? It works well when you have your podcast embedded into your website for more authority and trust.⁠

4. Courses/Services — Oh yeah, you can definitely promote your services using Pinterest. So long you have a dedicated page for pinners to go once clicked, they will be able to learn more about you and you could potentially win them as a future client! ⁠

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