How Much Content Do You Need For Pinterest?

Utilizing Pinterest to it's highest potential starts from what type of content of value you provide and how much of it you share.

First off, for Pinterest you can easily use more content then just from your blog. I feel like there is a big misunderstanding of what types of content works and doesn’t work. Although I will never be someone in favor of using URL’s to Instagram or Facebook groups, some people have definitely had success!

But the main focus and reason you use Pinterst is to make sure that whatever someone is clicking on is providing the most value possible.

Types of Content to Pin:

  • Blogs (most popular)
  • Freebies
  • Podcasts
  • Youtube channel
  • Quizzes
  • Portfolio examples (this one can be super fun)

Okay so now you know what content could be useful and added to your Pinterest marketing strategy, let’s talk about how much content is needed. When I first started my business in Pinterest, I followed a rule of 8020. 80% your content and 20% other relatable content. 

Since then, Pinterest has gone through SO MANY changes. Changes that have changed a lot of how most of us Pinterest strategists have done our jobs and just barely holding onto positive analytics.

When everything flipped upside down, I decided to think of ways that Pinterest would favor content the most in order to grow an account. The strategy that worked for me (that may or may not work for you) is that I followed the Fresh Pin strategy. 

The Fresh Pin strategy consists of designing and scheduling pins that not only have all new text, but a new image as well. So right now I focus a lot more of my time 100% of the time scheduling fresh pins, which can range from 30-60 pins a month depending on how much content is provided.

The goal for anyone starting out though is to at least get 1 pin out a day. That would be my biggest advice. If you need some help with getting your Pinterest to grow and just don’t have the time, check out my services page.


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