How to Be Happy and Healthy in Your Business

I think the one goal we all have when it comes to running our business is to:⁠

1. Not burn out and feel defeated⁠
2. Be happy ⁠

A lot of what goes into our business is that we focus so much on being happy and working hard, that we sometimes forget that prioritizing our health is left behind.⁠

Here are a few healthy habits to implement in your daily routine:⁠

Going for a walk — this can be long or short, but make time to go outside. This can be with your pup, by yourself listening to your favorite podcast or set up a time to meet up with friends (within distance of course!)⁠

Eating your breakfast/lunch away from your desk or usual space — we have the tendency to eat where you work. Doing that can make you feel more drained and changing location is never a bad thing!⁠

Limit your social and work time — for all of us workaholics (including, me), have a hard time stepping away when I need to. Giving yourself some time to distance your personal and work life helps you recharge.⁠

What are a few healthy habits do you focus on during your work day? 

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