How to Use Pinterest to Grow Your Email List

Something I recently discovered, is that having an email list is super important. When I started my business I didn’t care for one, but now I prioritize and design a weekly email to go out each week.

Having an email list is one of the best ways to reach your audience in ways that a blog post, Instagram post or even just scoping out on Facebook can ever do. You never know by the information you provide that will allow someone to want to finally reach out and want to chat with you more about what you offer.

I understand that Pinterest can be confusing and getting leads isn’t always manageable when you are first starting out.

4 Steps for Email Marketing Success on Pinterest

Step 1: Create a freebie that is linked to your site! If you don’t have a website, make sure you have a freebie that is retrievable to someone (pdf, google doc, etc). Freebies are huge when gaining more subscribers. The better the freebie, the more people will want to join. You will be able to create one of those by using Canva.

The sign up box below is an example of signing up for an email list with a freebie attached. But really. Sign up below to get a FREE Pinterest SEO Keyword Guide to help optimize your Pinterest account. 🙂

Step 2: With that freebie, add a lead magnet. What that means is that you use something like Flodesk and insert a sign up form or a pop up opt in form for people to get the freebie as soon as they add their name and email.

Step 3: Make sure once people land on a place that you want them to, keep them interested by making sure you have clear information and they feel welcomed. For me, that’s my homepage on my site. I make sure to introduce myself, what I do, my services I offer, testimonials and incase they want to know, who I have worked with. If you think it doesn’t matter to have all that, then I suggest you try it anyways. BECAUSE IT DOES!

Step 4: Use your pin magic to design pins especially for your freebies or take someone to a place where they can sign up right away. This is where you can branch a bit outside your brand and focus more on design.

If you are new to Pinterest, growing your email list can be a bit daunting. It takes a bit more of time to grow when you are also just trying to grow your Pinterest account as well. It is doable though!

If you want to learn everything Pinterest, as well as, the secret ingredient to using Pinterest to grow your email list. Then I have something for you!


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