I Am Rebranding

Corporate marketing girl, living in a Pinterest world… or something like that (I tried to be funny haha)

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know by now that in my IG stories, I have been talking a lot about rebranding and pivoting in my business.⁠

A few people asked me if I was stopping my Pinterest business all together…. whatttt. To make that very clear, I am still your go-to Pinterest coach and strategist – so you don’t have to worry about that!!⁠

Something that is changing is my focus and direction of what kind of brand I want to be. I am going to make this a LONG STORY, short, or at least try!⁠

Since moving to Salt Lake City, from living in Wisconsin my entire life, has been a major change – and for the best ways possible.  This is the most active I have ever been and on top of that I have found a new love for nutrition and overall health. ⁠

I can even say that since moving I’ve lost 20 pounds and I know to some that might be irrelevant, but to me? It means I worked my butt off by prioritizing my health all while running a business and working full-time!⁠

So all that being said, I am still going to be focusing on giving you the best Pinterest content, BUT I will be sprinkling in ways that I run my business and I’m even working on something in the background that I will be announcing in the next couple months.

Another thing that has changed is my focus on what type of niche I enjoy a ton and specifically want to attract more within the health niche.

What to expect from my rebrand?⁠
▶️ New brand colors ⁠
▶️ Professional photos⁠
▶️ Website revamp along with IG feed⁠
▶️ New program being added⁠

Prioritizing my health while working full-time and running a business is HUGE to me. It really should be important to all of us working every day!

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