Growing Your Business On Instagram

Did you know that Instagram is the main platform I use to grow my business? Yes, I understand that I am a Pinterest Coach, BUT since Pinterest is more of a visual search engine, I focus on using Instagram for my main engagement purposes.

Instagram is so great for growing your business, no matter who you are or what you do. Here are a few tips on how to use Instagram to grow your business!

Instagram Business Account

Make sure that your Instagram is a business account. This will allow you to choose a title, check out insights, audience and other metrics to see how you are doing regarding growth.

Your Title

Choose the title that best represents what you do and be clear. Here are a few examples

  • “Your Name” – Instagram Strategist
  • “Your Name” – Business and Mindset Coach
  • “Your Name” – Pinterest Coach and Strategist
  • “Your Name” – Virtual Assistant

Your Bio

Once you choose a title, expand what you do in your bio. Focus more on what your client is looking for then what you actually do. This is also where you need to be very clear and mindful of who you want to attract as your client. For me, I focus on attracting virtual assistants and social media managers wanting to niche down into learning Pinterest as one set of clients. My other clients are coaches, product and serviced based businesses who want to grow their current business with Pinterest.


Add Highlights! I struggled with this too, because sometimes it’s hard to know what to put there. Believe it or not though, people check out your highlights to figure you out a bit more. To start, create a highlight about you and your services. Once you get the hang of those, start adding more like trainings, special programs, etc!

Posting Content

Post no less than 3 times a week. You want to start building your brand by showcasing your content from tips, personal and sometimes even fun! Instagram should be a fun place to show who you are by focusing on being authentic. Here are examples of content to post:

  • Branding pictures of yourself – doesn’t have to professional, but has to look good!
  • Creating images on with tips or quotes on it
  • Stock images or images you took that look like stock images that flows with your personal brand and aesthetic

Show Up On Stories

Show up in stories! You can’t be shy when it comes to wanting to grow your business. People want to see who you are and what you are all about. Showing up in your stories daily is essential to growing your business, so if you are an introvert…. don’t worry! Start by popping in at least once a week to get comfortable. I promise it get’s easier and more fun!


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