How to Generate Leads from Pinterest

Pinterest = Lead Generation⁠

Yeah I said it. Pinterest should be on your list if you are wanting to:⁠

> Promote your new podcast⁠
> Get traffic to your blog⁠
> New signups for your email⁠
> Advertising for your new course⁠
> Sell your new e-book⁠
> Grow your business and get more clients⁠

Most business owners I talk to, think they NEED a blog. As it is nice to have a blog to show more authority for your website, you don’t need one.⁠

The one thing I always recommend is to at least have a website where you can direct your traffic and at the same time build a relationship with Pinterest’s algorithm.⁠

When wanting to do one of the above, it is always good to try all different ways to getting traffic to your site. (pin designs are essential for this strategy)⁠

Although, if you are newer, it’s not going to be easy. Over time though? You will start seeing those results shine through.⁠

One of my clients goals was to get more people to sign up for her email list. She was having a hard time in other areas, but within 2 weeks she had 8 new people join just by using Pinterest!

So if you are sitting there thinking about new ways to get traffic and lead sales, then you should consider setting up a Pinterest business account.⁠

Not sure where to start or if Pinterest is right for your business? Then check out some of my current Pinterest services or schedule a free call to chat more about what Pinterest can do for you!


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