How to Rank On Pinterest

How to Rank On Pinterest Getting Website Traffic Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google. The biggest different between both is that Pinterest is a visual search engine and Google is more text based. People are coming on Pinterest to search for topics that will help them in their business or their life. Whatever […]

Content Ideas for Pinterest

Content Ideas for Pinterest Content Marketing Strategy Being on Pinterest is another way to strategically come up with content marketing ideas you want to push out to provide value and gain leads. A lot of the content you put on Pinterest can vary from all different places and can easily be repurposed. Here are a […]

What are Story Pins?

What are story pins? What are story pins? Story pins are a fun new feature that Pinterest started releasing late 2020. The purpose of these stories is to allow creatives and content creators get more content out in a more strategic/fun way. Some might say they are very similar to Instagram Stories, but have a […]

The Best Ways to Find Keywords on Pinterest

The Best Ways to Find Keywords on Pinterest purchase keyword guide Pinterest is a search engine Pinterest is a visual search engine and although it is shifting into more of a social media. The main thing you need to be doing is making sure your profile and pins are optimized by using relevant keywords. 1. […]

NOW HIRING: Junior Pinterest Assistant

NOW HIRING Junior Pinterest Assistant – *APPLICATIONS CLOSED* We are GROWING & ready to hire someone onto the team (which I am so so excited for!!). The Junior Pinterest Assistant position is a 3 month paid internship starting April 1st 2021 with the chance to move into a part time position on my team.  Ideally […]

What are “Fresh” Pins?

What are “Fresh Pins” Considered on Pinterest? What does Pinterest consider a “fresh pin” The term “fresh pins” arose when Pinterest was doing a ton of algorithm updates this past March.┬áIt took some time to figure out, but one of the best ways to grow your Pinterest account is by creating completely new pins to […]

Our Favorite Business Tools

My all time favorite business tools that helps my day-day run smoothly more about me Go To Business Tools Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I might earn a small commission. I will only recommend products I actually use and find super helpful, so here is a list of a couple […]

6 Ways to Relaunch a Dead Pinterest Account

Did you start your Pinterest business account only to realize that you didn’t enough time to execute a proper strategy and actually start to do enough to see movement? It happens to a ton of others, once they realize that Pinterest takes a bit longer to figure out. But the good news is that since […]