My Daily Morning Routine

For those of you that don’t know, mornings are my favorite time of day. I love waking up knowing there are x amount of hours of getting stuff done. To me, a morning routine is huge since I am pretty busy balancing my full-time job, as well as, my Pinterest business. Without having one, I would feel lost and not as productive. Here are a few things I do every morning to start my day off right.

1. Waking up early

Every morning I wake up around 6:45am. This is mostly, because my boyfriend starts at 7am for his job, but I am use to being up before 7am during the week when I went into the office every day (things have changed for the best with that!). Overall though, I think getting up early sets you up for so many things to accomplish before a lot of people are up and moving.

2. Get ready for the day

Depending on the day I will either get ready (face washed, partial make-up, hair brushed) along with an outfit other than my pj’s. And no, I don’t mean I am dressing up every day, but just want to be out of what I slept in! If it’s a Tuesday or Thursday, I will skip most of that and only wash my face, brush my hair and get my work out clothes on instead since those are my Jazzercise days!

3. Hike or walk the pup

I prioritize a lot of my morning around my pup, Millie. She tends to have a decent amount of energy so I always want to make sure she gets her exercise in the morning. Lately, we have been going on a ton of hikes, but depending on what I have going on for the day, sometimes we just play ball in the yard (yes, early in the morning) or a simple walk.

4. Check my phone

I usually sit down at my desk around 9-10am to start checking my email and mostly my DM’s on Instagram. Sometimes, I just check responses to my most recent post or plan to head on a story to talk about something. Right now, I am heavily talking about The Pinterest Workshop!

The Pinterest Workshop is my brand new monthly membership where you will have access to classes, tutorials, private community and more! Come check it out and if you are ready to learn more of Pinerest, join the waitlist to get your exclusive price and early access!

5. Full-time and business

This is all dependent for each, but you can imagine my full-time will always come before my business. So depending on my day, I will work around times to work on my business. So that can be either my CEO days or client days.

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