My Struggle with Acne

Growing up, I always struggled with acne. I remember my crying to my parents about how ugly I looked and that it was never going to get better (dramatic, I know). It just isn’t a great feeling when you can’t even cover it up with make-up and really messes with your self-confidence.

To eventually fix the situation, I ended up going on birth control. I always had the occasional hormonal acne, but overall I felt pretty good. 

That is until my doctor recommended I switch off estrogen type pills and go strictly on progesterone. The different between the two is that estrogen is known to cause strokes due to blood clots. To add background as to why they thought I would be crucial on it, is because my mom had a stroke when I was in the 7th grade.

My Oma (grandma) had a stroke before passing a few years ago as well. Both being from sort of clot, but not exactly sure what caused the clot. So to be safe, I had to switch. I wasn’t too happy about it, but I just switched and then so many problems happened.

My face exploded! Not literally, but close. We were in Wisconsin visiting our families this past July and I just remember looking at my face and I couldn’t believe it. It was like I was 17 again. It made me feel SO awful, but I knew it had to be due to me switching pills and I knew over time it would get better.

Well, I am 4 months into taking my new birth control and although my face isn’t the best, I will say it is night and day when it came to when I first switched.

Besides being on the pill, I used natural ways to finally decrease my acne, which although I would like it to get even better, I know it will take some more time.

Natural Ways I Reduced My Acne

Changed my diet

When we came back from Wisconsin, after a month of struggling, I decided it was time to focus on the gut. I have completely done a 180 on what I consumed every day and focused more on whole foods.

Bought new face wash

The second thing I did was went out to buy a better face wash. I was using a normal cream cleanser from Clean and Clear, which I had been using since high school. But it was on the cheaper side and I wanted a face wash that would actually be more beneficial to really cleaning my skin. I am now using Cerave – normal face wash not the acne kind and love it!

Take vitamins daily

I usually took vitamin d and c, but when I was researching what supplements can help with acne – I found out that fish oil is really good for your skin. I’ve been taking 2 a day along with 2 vitamin d’s and c for the past month so hopefully that is adding to why my skin is doing better.

Became more active

I was already active before struggling with acne, but since knowing that getting your body moving or even getting some sunshine is was good to really become more mentally clear and reduce stressed, I try to move my body at least 45 minutes a day. This could be a walk with the pup, a hike, jazzercise or just running around cleaning the house. No matter what, I feel like it’s really helping when it comes to my other health goals as well.

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