How to Organize Your Week to Be More Productive

Do you struggle with managing your time and getting stuff you need to get done for the week? I totally get that, because this is something I struggled with for awhile when it came to running my business. Organizing your week is essential for becoming more productive and not letting things slip. Here are a few ways I organize the week to be more productive and get stuff done!

Pick Certain Days For Certain Tasks

Picking certain days for certain tasks can be really helpful to checking off your list and making sure you don’t get overwhelmed. Here is how I break down my schedule during the week to eliminate stress.

  1. Monday: CEO Day
  2. Tuesday: Client Work and Calls
  3. Wednesday Client Work and Calls
  4. Thursday: Teaching and Client Calls
  5. Friday: CEO Day
  6. Saturday + Sunday: Off to recharge

Schedule Content Ahead Of Time

This is where things can get pretty busy and crazy if you don’t schedule enough ahead of time. This goes for your clients content and yourself. The first week of every month, my CEO days are scheduling my own content ahead of time. The content I mainly schedule for myself are Instagram posts, Pinterest pins and my blog posts like this one. For clients, I focus on scheduling their Pinterest pins for monthly management for a whole month ahead of time so I can then just focus on engagement and optimizing their Pinterest boards.

Write Down Your Tasks Each Day

I find it super helpful to write things down that needs to get done for the day in order to stay on track. If I don’t get to it that day, then you can move it to the following. If you are someone who loves to check out boxes, just like me, then this is a great way of doing it. You can do this by writing it in a day planner or buying yourself a white board to get your ideas out.

Another way you can stay organized is to use systems like Asana or Trello to keep your work in a nice flow digitally! It all depends on how you react to certain ways, but I feel like those two are the most popular preferences.

Stay Off Your Phone

I am SO guilty of this and even I need to work on it. Stay off your phone when you are trying to get things done. I know it’s always tempting to see what others are up to, whose engaging on your most recent post on Instagram or whose connecting with you in the DM’s. The problem with always sitting on your phone is that it becomes a time warp and then you realize hours when by without getting anything done. So set up times to go on your phone or have time of the day where you check and respond.

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