The Grass Was Greener on the Other Side

This is probably going to be my most honest post about my struggles with my prioritizing my health, where it stemmed a lot from being unhappy.

When I went to college, I had a hard time making friends. I was a commuter, which limited my time on campus. On top of that I was working almost 40 hours a week for my “part time” job, which made my social life even less slim to improve.

It was my senior year of college and I finally decided to take the plunge to move out of my parents house. I couldn’t stand the traffic and on top of that was just done working long hours and staying on campus from 8am to 5pm. 

The other freedom I finally had to allow me to even do this on a whim is that I finally didn’t have a car payment. My 20K Mazda that I got in 2011 brand new was FINALLY paid off and it was another huge reason why I felt trapped.

Don’t get me wrong though, that Mazda is still in my life till this day (going 8 years strong) – so you could say that was a good investment.

I got an apartment, which was not ideal, but had the perfect location. I met a guy (aka Devin, whose been my boyfriend for almost 5 years now!) and got a part time job on campus, where I could only work 25 hours a week.

I finally felt in control, although when it came to me controlling my weight, it was far from going well.

Going to the gym was a thing, but it wasn’t doing as much as the weight kept piling on. When I finally got it under control, that’s when I was gearing up for my first full-time job in corporate retail.

That is when I spiraled a bit, because it was like dejavu with figuring out how to fit in (which I didn’t) and on top of that having a not so great boss. You know, the kind that you dread SO MUCH GOING IN that you stop at yellow lights, just so you have extra time to yourself before you have to hold your anger and sadness back.

If that wasn’t enough, my student loan debt started showing itself. I knew I was going to have debt, but that’s when I forgot about a private loan I took out to help with me moving out, whoops.

I made it a mission to pay off that loan before it even opened – which I did. $12K, poof. It felt good, until I realized I had 45K more to pay….

To fast forward a ton, I ended up quitting that awful corporate retail job and ended up at an amazing magazine company. Only problem with that company is that I was very underpaid to the point that I got a second job at a fitness center – now working 6 days a week (Friday’s I worked 7am-8pm).

To not continue my sob story, things did get better. My life changed once Devin and I decided to move to Salt Lake City and it’s like a huge weight was lifted.

My current corporate job is paying me 20K more than my previous, we are renting the cutest condo in the most perfect location, we got the sweetest pup named Millie and want to know something else? I found a LOVE for jazzercising, which is a 2 minute walk from our condo.

Although I have struggled with friendships within my work place, my boyfriend has made a ton who luckily had girlfriends/wives in their life that I’ve become close with.

I also decided to take life into my hands even more and started my Pinterest business in February 2020, which has opened the door to so many more friendships and opportunities, which I am so excited and grateful to be apart of. 

So all that being said, things can get bad or feel like they are never going to end. Life get’s better and you are in control of making it exactly how you want it to be.


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