What to Do When Your Pinterest Traffic Drops

Pinterest can be pretty tricky at times. This is especially true if you just started your Pinterest account. Here are a few things to note:

Pinterest Algorithm

It takes about 2 weeks for Pinterest to recognize you into the algorithm. What that means is that, they are watching you to see if:

  1. You are a real person (too many spam like accounts).
  2. Your pins and images are up to community standards.
  3. You are pinning quality and consistently.

So now you made it past the 2nd week and you are seeing some positive traction, that’s great! But then you check back in a few days and it dropped a bit. Then you continue to work on your strategy and it goes back up. Woot! But oh wait, a day later it dropped a bit again. So let’s talk about why your Pinterest traffic keeps changing and what you can do about it.

Reasons Why Your Pinterest Traffic is Dropping

  1. You aren’t repinning other content that is valuable to you and your brand. When it’s said you need to repin x amount of times a day, it means to find content within your niche or at least relatable enough for others to notice you as well and want to check out your content
  2. You are not pinning content consistently. This goes for your own content and others. The reason why you need so much patience with Pinterest is, because of how much it takes to figure out what to pin, when to pin it and what to repin. ALL of these things configure into your Pinterest strategy, which is super important.
  3. Seasonality can also be a huge reason for so much fluctuation. If you don’t have type of content that is good year round or gets over powered by other content, it is very possible that your traffic can drop a bit. But just keep in mind it’s just temporary.

Want to know the biggest reason why your traffic is acting like a rollercoaster?

When you are a beginner, we talked about how it takes about 2 weeks to mix you into the Pinterest algorithm. Well another key factor what happens when you are new to the Pinterest world, that it takes a longer amount of time to establish yourself. Especially on a technical/analytical outlook, you should never just look at one month of analytics and give up. You need at least 3 months of analytics to understand what could be happening.

Don’t Worry

So this me telling you, don’t worry if you traffic keeps going up and down and all the way around. I promise you when you first start out it might seem alarming, but it is normal and can always be fixed with time.

Keep focusing on building your brand, creating quality content, repinning other quality content and overall just stay consistent. If you keep doing that, you will establish yourself in good graces with Pinterest.


4 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Pinterest Traffic Drops

  1. I totally needed this! My Pinterest views were booming and then the past few weeks have been steadily decreasing… it’s led me to think I need to narrow down my niche so am currently working on separating out my accounts now. Wish me luck haha let’s hope that’s what it is… i guess..

  2. I just started pinterest about a month or two ago and my impressions went down a lot recently. I’m glad I found this. I actually recently got tailwind so I hope it helps me gain more traffic.

  3. This post has come my way exactly now when my Pinterest traffic has dropped by 50%. This happened in a matter of hours and fit it really strange. I guess I should not rely entirely on Pinterest and find other sources to drive traffic to my blog.

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