What to Pin in the Fall

So I decided that each season I want to focus more on letting you know what type of trends are going on and what type of content you should be focusing on creating or pinning in order to drive results. For a lot of us with varies niches, it can be hard to mold into the seasonal trends, but it’s not impossible. Typically speaking, I should’ve talked about this early August, but because I have been working on my brand new product (The Pinterest Workshop), I have been behind (and will do better for the winter trends!) Here are a few topics to think about when it comes to what to pin on Pinterest in the fall depending on your niche.

Food Bloggers

For food bloggers, you’ve hit the mother load of recipes being all things fall. Some ideas can include pumpkin (pies, cookies, shakes), squash, apples (cinnamon apples, apple pie) , crock pot meals (soups, stews), and game day type appetizers (finger foods, quick eats, party food).


This is the perfect time to get crafty, especially heading into the winter months as well. Mostly a DIY outlook can be decorating your house for the fall, but it can also come down to your kids helping you make something as well. When I was a little kid, I sketched my hand, cut it out and made it like a turkey. It was super fun and kept us kids super busy. So check out what’s popular right now that can be a fun craft day for you and your family!


Fall and even winter weddings are trending HEAVILY right now, so if you are a photographer, then this would be your time to shine by adding all the content for fall themed weddings. The main searches that are on trend seems to be pictures of venues, hair, nails (really popular in general!), and even cakes. So don’t be shy posting all your content from previous weddings or current ones right now to see a spike in traffic!

Health and Wellness

One of the hottest topics regarding staying organized, is meal prepping! Meal prepping is on the rise of how to stay organized during the week, especially with people going back to work or school – even through covid times, there are some states that things are going more “back to normal”. So it’s a great time to really get into planning your weeks by meal planning, which I am a huge fan of!

What if you don’t have this type of content? AKA me

If you don’t have this type of content and you focus more into servicing, like myself, then you need to track your Google Analytics where you can really dig to see what type of content works for your audience. What I also like to do is make sure to get out some content regarding the seasonal changes. This can even go as far as talking about your fall plans, ideas, trips, morning routines.

Just know that with our type of industry, you can have fun with what you want to talk about and don’t always have to be so strict or one note kind of content!

What else is trending?

  • Fall outfits
  • Fall/home decor
  • Gardening (canning)
  • Back to school

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