Why You Need a Pinterest Coach

Your sitting here thinking you want to start your own Pinterest business….⁠

But once you get a plan to get started, you are confused on how to actually start.

You might know how to run your own Pinterest business account (which is a great start); however, there is so much more when it comes to running your OWN business.⁠

Before even starting your business you need to think of:⁠
🔹 Client Management Systems (contracts, payments, etc.)⁠
🔹 The main tools to use⁠
🔹 Pricing structure (packages, hourly, one time, three months, etc.)⁠
🔹 Organization (especially if you want to juggle more than 5 clients a month)⁠
🔹 Selling/promoting/branding yourself (yes how you are seen on socials matter)⁠
🔹 Figuring out your dream clients (and where they hang)⁠

And there is a lot more that comes with that thought process….⁠

I am not trying to scare you off though, so hear me out!⁠

You are able to run a successful Pinterest business or add on services with ease, especially if you invest with a coach.⁠

Having a Pinterest Coach (cough, me) will allow you to be guided through the entire process of running your own business and attracting those dream clients.⁠

I am SO grateful the amount of clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with and by them trusting me to grow their business through Pinterest.⁠

Click here, to learn more about my Pinterest Launch Program! If you are interested, please apply and I will schedule a free call with you to discuss what I can do to help you start your Pinterest business!


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