Why You Need To Start a Pinterest Account

I’ll admit it, Pinterest takes a bit to start and requires a sturdy foundation.

What Do You Mean?

There are a lot of factors that work within the Pinterest algorithm and what signals them to what your account might be about. Those factors include what specific pins you are pinning of your content or repinning of others. It also can come down to your community on there as well.

When it comes to trusting your account over other accounts, that factor relates to how long you have a had your Pinterest account. Pinterest will always favor someone with someone who has not only had an account longer, but who has also demonstrated consistent presence. Especially over someone who is much newer.
That is why there is no “right time” to start with Pinterest, other than deciding to start your account now regardless of fully understanding how to use it.

It doesn’t matter if you have a website or even an email list yet. All those things will come with time, just like you building up trust with Pinterest. It will always take time.

But I promise you it’s not as much time as you think! Once you start building up your account and learning how to optimize your Pinterest, you will be able to build boards around your specific niche and audience. It will even allow you to slowly let Pinterest understand who you are and what you have to offer.

But Claudia, isn’t Pinterest super time consuming?

Yes, it can be super time consuming if you don’t have a strategy behind anything. Like for instance, you pin whatever you want when you want, because someone told you that you have to pin 30 times a day. I’m here to tell you that you do not have to do that. Pinterest likes any fresh content, so even if you consistently pinned 5 times a day quality and niche related topics, it would be better than pinning like a wild one.

If you are still confused on how much to pin or how to create the strategy, then hang on tight, because more content will be coming out to answer those exact questions.

Till then just focus on the basics by: Getting a Pinterest business account, creating quality pins, optimizing your profile and staying consistent.

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